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Writer for film, radio, TV and games

Welcome to this new website.

It will soon be completed but whilst it is under construction please contact me directly for details of my work and writing samples.


Previous work

What people have said...

“…the uniqueness of the concept and the execution of the content was outstanding.”

The Un-Gone

- Festival Director, Hollywood D V Festival

“Excellent series with great characterisation”

Slipstream BBC Radio 4 Extra

- Audience comments

“…strong plot, plenty of suspense, and lots of surprisingly fascinating details

about the Victorian ice trade.”

The Iceman BBC Radio 4

 - Radio Choice Daily Mail

“…clever, creepy, and concise”

The Un-Gone

-  Audience comments, Fantastic Fest, Austin, USA

“…exactly the way to create a political, eco justice, drama that the average listener

is likely to become engaged in and Bovey accomplishes a masterful turn in this one.”

Hive Mind BBC Radio 4

 - EarStory Radio Review

“Very imaginative and thought provoking.”

Voice of God BBC Radio 4 Extra

- Audience comments

“…enjoyable period heist....pacy and fun”

Mountain of Light BBC Radio 4

 - Time Out Review


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