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The Waiting - Teatro Belli, Rome

97307. The Waiting.jpg

Theatrical play 'The Waiting' - performed at Teatro Belli, Rome - 23rd-26th November 2023

The Waiting was staged for the XXII edition of TREND - new frontiers of the British scene. Rome's annual festival devoted to contemporary British theatre

Director: Alessandro Di Murro
Cast: Matteo Baronchelli, Jacopo Cinque, Alessio Esposito, Laura Pannia
Assistant director: Tommaso Emiliani
Costumes: Michela Caccavallo

Organising director: Bruna Sdao

Graphic design: Cristiano Demurtas
Translation by Natalia di Giammarco
Production: Compagnia della Creta / Factor K
In agreement with Arcadia & Ricono Ltd 

Festival and theatre links here:

Teatro Belli

Featured work


Franklin - BBC Radio 4


Based on a true story, 'Franklin' is about joining the fight when you're not sure it's your fight. Doing the right thing when that might cost you everything.

Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Harriet Glickman, a high school teacher in California, writes to Charles M Schultz, creator of the USA's most widely published comic strip, 'Peanuts', about the possible inclusion of a 'Negro character' in the strip.

What she suggests appeals to Schultz, but he also finds it morally troubling...

First broadcast:
BBC Radio 4 - Tuesday 3rd November 2020

'...a surprisingly potent and poignant meditation on the creative process, the politics of representation, race in America, and the power of comics and pop culture...a quiet, modest story about small decisions and small victories that can help change the world for the better'

Previous work


What people have said about...

The Un-Gone

…the uniqueness of the concept and the execution of the content was outstanding.

Festival Director   

Hollywood DV Festival

Hive Mind  BBC Radio 4

…exactly the way to create a political, eco justice, drama that the average listener is likely to become engaged in and Bovey accomplishes a masterful turn in this one.

The Iceman  BBC Radio 4

…strong plot,

plenty of suspense, and lots of surprisingly fascinating details about the Victorian ice trade.

…clever, creepy, and concise

Audience comments

Fantastic Fest, Austin, USA

Excellent series with great characterisation.

Slipstream  BBC Radio 4 Extra

Audience comments

EarStory Radio Review

Voice of God  BBC Radio 4 Extra

Very imaginative and thought provoking.

Audience comments

Radio Choice Daily Mail

Mountain of Light BBC Radio 4

…enjoyable period heist...pacy and fun.

Time Out Review



A few examples...

Theatrical play 'Testimony' performed at Teatro Belli, Rome - 20th-23rd October 2022

Testimony opened the XXI edition of TREND - new frontiers of the British scene. Rome's annual festival devoted to contemporary British theatre

Director: Armando Quaranta
Cast: Jacopo Olmo Antinori, Giulio Forges Davanzati and Maurizio Mario Pepe
Design and costumes: Nicola Civinini
Light design: Alessio Pascale
Translation by Natalia di Giammarco
Khora Theater production in collaboration with The Shape of Water
In agreement with Arcadia & Ricono Ltd 

RAI TV news coverage of TREND and Testimony

The UnGone
UK Film Council/Screen West Midlands
U-G The Threshold.jpg

8 mins short film 

Writer / director

Starring Stephen Billington, Damien Thomas and Linette Beaumont

Matter transporters are a reality, and the Trans-Trip Corporation, controllers of this technology, provide the gateway to a new life for Julian Salinger and his wife Maya. But this apparent golden age of travel without boundaries has its shadow side. And when the system malfunctions, Salinger discovers the dark truth behind the corporate facade.

Voice of God
BBC Radio 4 Extra
VOG header.JPG

5 x 30 mins original serial

Directed by Marc Beeby

Starring Matthew Dyktynski, Clare Corbett, David Thorpe and Geoffrey Beevers


In a remote region of Australia, Britain is developing the ultimate weapon. Their aim, a silent war, over before the enemy knows it has begun. But according to Aboriginal dreamtime, it’s Armageddon.

BBC Radio 4 
Sargasso header.JPG

45 mins single drama

Directed by Marc Beeby

Starring Robert Lonsdale, Emily Wachter, Ian Gelder and Stuart McLoughlin


April on the River Severn is gold rush country, a living gold of eels. And men will shed blood to get them.

Listen to a clip:
00:00 / 04:01
Listen to a clip:
00:00 / 01:59
Watch the film:
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I’ve been immersed in story for thirty years, working for film, television and radio for companies in both Europe and America. Stories are important. They tell us who we are and what we care about.

As a director also in theatre and film I’ve been lucky enough to bring those words to stage and screen, and have international success gaining awards and distribution.

When I’m not writing I’m educating others in the way of all things narrative on the Film Production degree course at Worcester University; from games to writing a feature film, from radio to comic book adaptations. Story passed on to the next generations.


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